Upheld By The Lord’s Hand

Proverbs 24:16a  “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again.”

     God’s Word is so relevant that I am amazed over and over again how many Scripture verses can be found for common happenings in our everyday life.
     Have you ever watched a child learn to ride a bicycle or perhaps you remember when you learned to ride one yourself?  Usually the first effort is brief as the handle bars jerk from unsteadiness and the fear of falling and getting hurt take over.  The second try brings a  few feet of success  before the bicycle leans to one side and the child tumbles over, but that brief moment of achievement is all that’s needed to spur the child on to try again.  The next attempt brings forth an unsteady but successful ride down the sidewalk the whole length of the house.  Filled with excitement and courage the child now eagerly, but too hurriedly, attempts a fourth try.  Successful at first, his broad smile is quickly turned to tears when he falls and skins his knee.  Amid the crying and tears and consolation of his mother and father, he sees an older boy whiz by on his bicycle and the pain and fear is quickly forgotten as he jumps up, determined to conquer this obstacle.  Continuing to try, his efforts soon pay off as he becomes more and more steady and sure.  Having achieved his goal and now riding with ease, the possibility of falling is minimal but not completely impossible; for there are still obstacles along the pathway that can cause him to become unbalanced and tip over.  But does he ever give up?  No, he always gets up and goes on because now he knows how to ride a bike.
     So it is in the life of a Christian.  Our Scripture verse from Proverbs refers to a “just man.”  That is, one who is justified in Jesus Christ, one who has been washed in the blood of the Lamb and made a new creature in Christ Jesus.  Now we have a steady and sure walk with the Lord.  Just like the child who knows how to ride a bike, so we know the Lord.  That cannot be taken away.  Now we are traveling the road of life with the Lord, but our sinful flesh causes us to stumble many times and sometimes to fall.  Does that mean that we don’t get up?  No, a thousand times no, for God’s Word says “a just man…..riseth up again.”   For it is through daily repentance and seeking the Lord that our lives can be cleansed and renewed.  Then we can go forth again to serve the Lord, not laden down with a weighty burden of sin, but forgiven and refreshed.  How is all this possible?  Let’s turn to Psalm 37:24 for the answer:  “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with His Hand.”  What precious words of rejoicing!
Theme: The Better Way: Repentance is Good: Daily Repentance and Receiving Forgiveness is Better
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About Gail Slawson

I am a 74 year old wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. After 54 years of marriage, my husband and I have been richly blessed with 4 wonderful children and their wonderful mates and 19 precious grandchildren, five of whom are already with the Lord and 5 great-grandchildren. My husband and I are busy retirees and reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where we serve the Lord Jesus Christ through Bible Studies, as mentors in our church and telling others about Him "as we go." Mark 16:15
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5 Responses to Upheld By The Lord’s Hand

  1. jason reaves says:

    Thanks Mama Gail for those words. We sometimes get discouraged when we get knocked down. Looking at those circumstances with our own eyes can keep us down. I’ve found that when I allow the Holy Spirit to guide me I tend to get up quicker and more consistently! Thanks for your walk with the Lord and the encouragement it brings those around you. Love Jason


  2. Roger says:

    I am nothing without Christ. He loves His people and that is all the difference! Thanks.


  3. Summer says:

    What reassurance you bring in your bog. As a young Christian, I feel just like the child with the bike. I may stumble, but know Christ will pick me up and lead me. And why–he is my savior and guide.


  4. Marsha says:

    i just finished reading your Bible encouragement and i enjoyed it so much.


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